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    Hello, my name is John Price, and as of January 22,
 2004, I have assumed the role of Virginia State
 Record Keeper. My goal is to bring the records up to
 date as quickly as possible. 

 If you know of a performance that was run on a USATF
 certified course in Virginia and exceeds a current
 record, please e-mail me with the following race

 The name of the race.
 The date of the race.
 The race certification number (if known).
 The race director's phone number or e-mail address.
 The runner's name and age on race day.
 The official or approximate performance time.
 AS OF DECEMBER 2019 I'm using a new EMAIL address due to my previous one is no longer accessible.
 If you have sent results as of May 2019 and have not heard from me try the new address below!

 Thank you for your support.

 John Price

 Please send any updates or questions to